Million Air

Million AirMillion Air needed a site that was fast-loading, convenient for pilots to use and was functional on a number of different platforms. The “Jump to an FBO” nav bar helps their visitors save valuable time!

In addition to redesigning and maintaining their corporate site, I maintained a positive relationship with Million Air and provided all kinds of fun videos and animations over the years. (Available upon request!)

About Me

XDudeI'm a digital nomad who travels the world while making awesome videos for my awesome clients.

Visited 7 countries in 2013, saw 11 in 2014 and 9 in 2015. Originally from Canada. Current home base: Erfurt, Germany.

I build my own computers, dramatically prefer PC over Mac, and enjoy tweaking Microsoft Windows.

Aside from possessing an immaculate fashion sense, I like to consider myself an all-around helpful guy.

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