Site Moved

Hello! It's Jody Hatton here (the creator and "father" of XDude).

If you were there back in the day:

The THX Digital Dude's Knowledge Emporium...
The Lucasfilm Letter...
Any Given Sunday...
The Dough...
...and all those "Coming Soon" teasers,

I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks for being a fan. You rock!

I've really enjoyed adventuring through cyberspace with you. :)

And, after 18 years, I've decided to retire the XDude brand.

The world has changed a lot in the last few years, and I feel the "XDude" brand no longer communicates the direction that I've taken with my business.

I still passionately love making videos, and intend to make a lot more of them!

Check out my new website here, and my popular YouTube channel here.


P.S. Speaking of Back in the Day, did you know that I made this video for Megadeth in 2005?

I might not have told you -- they didn't release the video for 10 years. hah! ;)